What should I practice on ukulele? – Beginner Ukulele Chords

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In order to master the ukulele you need to develop a solid and precise finger technique. You also have to master the right and wrong way of striking.

What are the best ukulele scales?

There are tons of amazing scales for the ukulele. A common mistake people make is not picking the right one at the start. Learning scales is all about picking a scale that you can play easily and without strain and worry.

What are the best ukulele string types?

Some people buy cheaper string gauges like 5/16, 7/8 or 12/24 just to make their uke harder. These strings look great in the picture but are generally not durable. These cheap string gauges also don’t have the rich, resonant sound of 10/32 or 1/4. If a string is too thin you end up with lots of string warping. The best strings for ukulele strings are the 5/16 and 7/8 ukulele string gauges.

The Best Ukulele Strings

Most ukuleles come with 5/16, 7/8 or 12/24 strings, which are all common strings nowadays. Most players use a combination of those 3 types. A 5/16 ukulele stringer will sound the best when he can play with 3 different pitches. If you try it with 3 different pitches you won’t be able to play the same chords as an 8/32 stringer, but if you can play three chords well then you’ll be able to play anything you want with a 5/16 stringer. That’s why I like using 5/16.

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The 6/1 ukulele can come in a lot of different sizes and is very popular among players for the same reasons. It can be a little bit different in tone depending on the gauge. The 7/8 ukulele can also sound different depending on the gauge, but as long as you’ve got one that’s right for you, do what works for you.

The 6/24 ukulele stringer is a little more open sounding than the 5/16 or 7/8 ukulele, but it’s not as harsh as the 7/8 ukulele. It’s most popularly used in rock and is a little more open sounding.

The 2 piece neck ukulele that I bought at Guitar Center is a

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