What size ukulele is easiest? – Free Bass Ukulele Lessons

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I would recommend a bass (B5 or 6) as that is a basic sized guitar/bass. If u have a beginner like u can find the Fender Jazz Bass (C) which is very sweet and simple to play to start off with, but the string gauges will vary with each instrument.

I got the bass on sale and i could not believe the deal because u will need to buy strings, no, there is no problem for you in buying them at least one string will be a little less for you because of the price point that u have.

What are the best ukulele strings?

Alder – 7/8 or 6/0 to make strings look nice

Alder is the best choice for beginners, for those who like the sound, the look is good, but it is also a bit more expensive, so if u want a bass to start with in the first place get a ukulele.

Gibson ukulele strings look beautiful, alder is the way to go in the beginning for beginners and even if u play a lot of jazz, guitar and bass you still want the beauty of the look without buying more and more expensive string.
01 - Ukulele Tuning 4th String (G Note) - YouTube

What are the most popular Uke-tunes?

I am very picky with the best ukulele ukulele tunes. I don’t like the ukulele uke-tune “Wash Me down with the Dew”, by John Denver. It is very slow and doesn’t go with many of the ukulele tunes. I also don’t like “Jingle Bells” by Paul Robinson or “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Aretha Franklin. I also like “The Old Rag Doll” a bit more.

How many ukuleles do you own?

I own 5 ukuleles; a bass ukulele, a steel ukulele, a steel string ukulele, two ukuleles that I played until I traded them in (a bass and a steel ukulele and a ukulele that was a bit like a kalimba and had some hard edges) and a steel string ukulele.

You can buy one of these strings in a bundle on ukulele.com. However, if u want, they are available on the site here: https://ukulele.com

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