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Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10? I don’t know yet. My mother-in-law played bass with me when I was at the college. She gave me a 9 and she said she had never played a 9! Is it any good? What is the best string to use? Does the 12 string have a good quality of string? Are you able to tell by the sound quality? Do you have a special instrument like a violin that plays very fast? I really like the violin but am not interested in it when at all possible. Anybody can play a concerto or a violin, can u think of another instrument that played fast in concert? I am not interested in the violin, I have to find the instrument that best plays fast in concert.

Hello! My name is Darryl M., I am a musician with 20 years on the bass. I am interested in how to buy or sell a quality instrument; What strings that is a problem? I know that ukuleles can get very heavy so to play a concerto I need good strings. What is the best ukulele for a beginner? Is there any special kind that I can buy if I am really in a hurry? How long does it take for a new uke to play a note? How well am I able to read a music sheet? I understand that ukuleles can get very heavy so my father gave me a uke that I can play at the college. This uke has a large bore and a thin neck, it is very easy to get into. What do I look for in my new uke? Which strings should I use? Do you sell ukuleles at an affordable price? Thank you for your assistance in my search!

Hello, My name is Paul C. with 4 years on the bass. I play bass uke on a full scale acoustic and am looking for the right ones. How soon should a bass guitar take to get a good player?? I’m very busy with school. Any questions? I want to play some music at the college and really need quality ukuleles.

Hello. I’m a musician of 10 years, and I like to play electric ukuleles. What kind of the guitar uke would you recommend to people who need one? I’m still in college, and have been playing classical ukulele at home, but I just want to know if a bass uke will suit

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