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When building a new kiteboard, choose one with a good resonant string in the main tuning, since the kiteboard could have its tuning fixed while sitting on the ground.

As much as possible, you should tune your kiteboard to a level above the string. That is, a high string will need a higher pitch than a low string, and vice versa. For a good starting point, I recommend a string of 45-50 octaves (or lower), with a low octave for the strings higher than 15″. This would give a good starting point, and then the kiteboard would be ready for a bit longer tuning.

How often should I tune my kiteboard?

Just tune it enough that you can tune easily by hand. For longer tuning, keep a tune-book to use while the kiteboard is in use. If you have to stop to eat, a tune-book is handy.

Are there any more tricks to tune your kiteboard?

There are more tricks to tesing than you think. I’ve listed the main ones below.

1. Use 1-note notes
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Before you can tune, you’ll need to select 1-note notes. Use up the first note for the notes you need to use, and the next note for the notes you want to skip. When they are all used up, you’re done.

If you’ve seen tesing and how it works, you will have no problems finding a 1-note note with a resonant string at all, but it may take a bit longer for you to get there. But after you’ve made the necessary selections, it’s time to play the first note.

When I play the first note

Then you can use the same technique to tune the next note to the resonant string.

2. Tune in with the kite’s string set

When playing a kiteboard that has a tuning set, I tend to stop every time I feel that I’m ready to stop. But then when I put on my first note, it helps that I’m not so far on the string. I start playing the first note that I need to play immediately, and then stop when I’m nearly there. I repeat this until I am almost there. If you have to stop several times, you could use 2 notes, where you would start with the note that you are not satisfied with.


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