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Middle C is written on the neck, just above where the strings meet the fingerboard. The rest of the string is in tune (unless you played with a bow) and does not move with each note. When you get to a note that has to be written, you put the middle C on the fretboard. Or you can just turn the instrument around so the fret is above center on the fingerboard. This gives you an angle that allows you to put the middle C on the fretboard without fretting the top string to make it easier.

How many strings do I need?

It depends on your playing style, your desired sound and how well you can play the instrument. Some players like to have three to five strings to allow for rapid improvising or even for picking, while others like to have only one string, which can make it harder to maintain good rhythm. The only restriction you need to consider is that you should have three or four string octaves.

How do I play a chord?

It’s easiest to play chords in the key of your choice using the fingering you see above. Play the middle C on the top string and the first and third chords. If you feel it’s too easy, play some more lower strings on the instrument to ease the pace.

Do you ever want to make a recording?

There are a lot of musicians who do not have or want a recording contract. If this is you, there’s always the option of making a free studio recording with your band. As an added bonus, it’s usually way cheaper to do a studio recording than do a live session. Check out recording contracts for musicians, and it’ll give you a great idea of what you can expect in terms of fee.

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