Which instruments are hardest to learn? – How To Learn Guitar Fast

September 20, 2020 0 Comments

1. Voice-Over Composer

If you’re a voice-over actor, you’ll want to keep learning, since voice-over is one of the most powerful tools out there. But if you make lots of videos to market your voice/video business, learning VOCAB is a good idea too!

2. Computer Programming

For computer programming, I think the easiest way is for you to have an education in computers and programming. But, there are also some good tutorials and books.

3. Writing/Web Sites

If you’re thinking about writing a blog or being an author, you’re going to want to invest in at least some programming skill for website programming. And, if you’re just starting out, you probably shouldn’t be writing websites, but rather writing blog posts.

A good book is “Learn to Code” by Sebastian Thrun, but there are also plenty of free courses. Try these:

4. Writing for the Web

If you’ve never written for the web, then you may not understand how the web works and want to learn how to. Check out Writing for the Web in 8 Days.

5. Writing for YouTube

As with writing for the Web, for YouTube you need a decent knowledge of “how the web works”. Try these:

6. Video Game Composing

If you’re in the game/software development industry, I think that you should already be in some degree of computer programming. There are lots of free tutorials and booklets on computer programming and video game programming that can really help you learn. Here are a few:

7. Social Networking

Social networking is such an attractive tool for businesses. It’s free, fun, and easy to be on social media. But, what I find valuable about social media is the ability to get feedback from people. So, if I have a question, I want people to tell me what it is and how they’d get it.

I also find it helpful for marketing your business by posting to social media websites and posting testimonials.

I also find it useful to follow people on social media so I get to see when they’re working and what they’re doing; to hear what the industry likes about them; and to know when somebody has a great idea and wants to hear about it. These are all great ways to learn about how the web works and how the industry responds to new things.

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