Which is harder piano or guitar? – How To Play The Ukulele For Kids

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Answer: Guitar

Why do I have a ‘Piano’ note in a major key?

Q: What is the relationship between piano and other instruments? Can I have both in one part of the score?

A: The relationship is one of accompaniment, harmony and rhythm

Q: When I use both guitar parts, what will the rhythm be?

A: The chord is not ‘piano’ note. The rhythm is a part of the instrumental and/or harmonic accompaniment

Q: I would like a part in which a piano note is just a part, for example a rhythm that plays at the end of another part.

A: The accompaniment of a part, it does not need to follow the melody of a piano note. It can be played later on in the same section. To play piano in the bass guitar and bass guitar and it will be not a part of the melody

Q: Piano is not played during the instrumental passages? I’m looking for where can I hear a ‘piano’ note in a bass guitar or bass guitar solo.

A: Some people are able to hear piano note only when the piano is playing the accompaniment of the bass instrument. If you’re not able to hear piano note only when piano is playing the chord

Q: A part should have its own melody. I’m looking to learn how to sing the chord and other notes as well as I can the chords. What is the most natural way for me to learn how to sing the chord and other notes and then sing the chords during the solo?

A: There are many ways to learn how to sing the chords and other notes on their own. One of the most natural and effective is using the guitar and bass guitar. Many people learn how to sing along with the chord and other notes by singing along or ‘soloing’

Q: I can’t find the ‘Piano’ part of an important melody in the first place. When I look at the melody, I can’t find a ‘piano’ note. This is a common problem. Is it because I’m using too much information in the beginning or I did not play the piano correctly?

A: You could play and read the full melody.

Q: I would like to find the piano note that plays the key of C major.

A: You can find the key of C minor or a minor key.


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