Which is harder piano or guitar? – Youtube Learn To Play Ukulele Easy Song Tutorial

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Which sounds better?

So now I’m going to describe the two most common ways to play a major key.


Piano’s major keys are C major, C minor, G major, D major and D minor.

The major and minor keys are written 1,2,3 or 4 respectively (see our Major Key Comparison Table & Notes here).

You also have minor keys in this key.

If you’re a guitar player though, none of these major keys will sound anything like a minor. They sound like a F major.

If you’re playing in a major key anyway, then the following diagram might help you hear which keys a player should play next (click to enlarge):

This may seem like a confusing diagram, but its all made up of 5 major keys instead of 6 in the original.

You should now be able to tell if a major key is playing C major, C minor or G major, because that’s the one that is closest to the A (A in all of these diagrams) in a C major key.

G major, G minor or D major on the other hand, are all similar in tone.

I’ve covered all four of these major keys with pictures above, but you can easily remember the difference between C major, C minor and D minor.

So if you’re learning chord progressions in chord diagrams, you’ll have to learn these to read which major keys the chords are in.

Chord Diagrams

There are two different ways to learn chords.

These are from the books that teach students to play guitar.

1. Chord diagrams

One way to learn chords is by learning songs written in chord diagrams.

The chord diagrams are a great way to learn the major keys because they are the most common chord shapes used in music.

They also contain the scale tones for any of these keys. This means if you have a D major chord, the scale tones for the E major key will be the D minor scale tone.

These diagrams are an important tool in learning minor chords in all of these keys.

However, if your major key is C major that doesn’t mean you must learn the scale tones there.

You can always start your soloing process by learning the major key scales first.

Because of that the diagrams can also lead you to learn the common modes and scales.


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