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I have a 5th gen i have used my 5th gen i am happy, i have no major issues. I wish someone took a crack at fixing this issue. Forgive me if I am not a good enough judge of good, i have seen an issue that is very similar that I have seen on every review of a “vintage” ukulele. I have not done a proper comparison with a modern 5th gen ukulele but, I can tell you that they are the same…they are not the same. I have a 20th gen i purchased from the good ole days, with a black gloss finish. I have owned 4 of them now and have only had one bad experience (with no issues with the other 4) and that was with it coming un-playaed. The other 4 were used by my son and he loved them, so they are in excellent condition. I do not really know if you need to look at the wood grain, which makes it hard to tell, the fingerboard was put back on when it broke and the headstock came out of place, but what I am trying to say is that the wood is still in good shape, and the headstock is no where close to the previous condition of the headstock. So please no other reviews on your site that try to compare these two. You are ruining my enjoyment of your site. You may as well go ahead and do what you want. I do not care what these people say about you as a person. What I care about is that I have no plans of using any of your products in the near or long term. I have used most of your products before (I love how your website and staff are so friendly, and friendly they call you names when they want to yell at you), and I do not care for your products any more, other than what I already know! Please stop.

Very disappointed

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By Bob H at 9:40 AM 10-27-2011

Hello, I recently had to get rid of a couple of old ukuleles that were showing signs of use in many places (over the years) when I had put them in storage until I could give them a proper home. This led to an issue between the old headstock on my new and new style “Vintage” ukuleles, the old body would fall off the end with a “bang” every time the old body broke. After reading your site, I am really disappointed in

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