Which size ukulele is best? – Learn Ukulele Fast

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We use many sizes but the most popular model has 8 strings and 8 bridge sizes.

What about picking, strumming and strumming technique?

We use a traditional pick and strum technique for every ukulele we make. This is a technique that is developed, used and perfected over many years.

What does the name ekulele mean?

Ekulele means “small” in Italian. The word ekulele is not very well known so the true origin of the word is lost. However, the ekulele was invented by Italian engineer and violin maker Giordano Pisano around 1515. Pisano was a professional violin maker who worked extensively with instruments like the violin and the cello. He was a skilled musician and the word ekulele came from a reference to his instrument.

Can you describe the sound of a ukulele and provide a sound example?

Our ekuleles are made from high quality materials and have a deep resonant cavity for increased volume. The sounds are so satisfying that our players play them day in and day out.

What is your instrument made out of?
Ai Se Eu Te Pego ( Michel Telo ) - ukulele tutorial with ...

All of our ekuleles are made from the finest quality materials including maple, rosewood, cherry, gold or silver, as well as other exotic woods such as rosewood & ebony. We only use the finest woods available – maple, cherry, rosewood, gold & silver. The finish is extremely good quality and provides a good grip all the way around the wood body.

Who invented the ukulele?

Until recently there have been few people who actually played an instrument called the ukulele. That’s probably because nobody knew what it sounded like yet. But the ukulele was already popular enough in Europe that at least one major company (Buchla) made it into a real instrument.

Who’s the inventor of the first electric Uke?

There is some debate on the exact date when electric ukes really took off, but most would argue the invention of the acoustic uke (a flat string uke that could play a wide range of instruments) was made in 1871 by Samuel Dusenbery, a violin maker from New York City.

When was the first recorded electric uke played?

The first recorded electric uke was played by the New York City Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall on April

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