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You’ll find yourself in the conversation with an ukulele prodigy: Adam “Mudkip” Thompson, who is on the cover of Rolling Stone, and has played with the likes of David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, and The Rolling Stones. In an interesting quirk of irony, the ukulele from the 1970s is still the world’s most popular player.

1. What is the most popular band’s ukulele, other than their own?

When Metallica’s Rob Halford wrote that line about having the most popular ukulele in the world (the Metallica bassist was responding to Rolling Stone) it made sense, as the classic ukulele has been the most ubiquitous instrument in popular music for decades.

Now there are plenty of options. But there was only one version of the ukulele with a string-grip pedal: the Gibson U-Bass. Although it didn’t sell well, and was banned in Australia, it sold millions of ukulels in the United States. As the price of electronics, which in 1975 was about $75, has fallen, so too has the demand for an “old school” instrument that plays as well today as it did in the ’70s.

In the late 1970s, when people started using portable recorders and the Internet for shopping, an ukulele became a necessity for the home studio – to connect music to movies, play live or just take songs on the road.

2. If the ukulele is so ubiquitous, why do people love their ukuleles so much?

The ukulele is a music instrument. It’s a musical instrument, just like your guitar, drums, or maracas.

You can actually learn to play a ukulele, using only basic skills such as playing the notes from right to left, with the thumb as the eighth note of the scale.

All I Want for Christmas is You // Ukulele Play-Along with ...
The ukulele’s simplicity allows it to be played comfortably and effortlessly by novice and intermediate players. And it’s all worth it for many players: playing on top of the keyboard has long been a tradition in jazz.

The popularity of the ukulele is a little bit surprising. But like any musical instrument, it doesn’t grow out of a rock band. There’s actually a pretty healthy music industry in the USA, making big money for the small, niche-market instruments

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