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This was a personal thing for me as I got my ukulele at age 25 and started using it on road trips with friends, but now, I’ve heard from various ukulele manufacturers. The problems range from the uke hitting the side of the bass drum, which is usually caused by being hit or bumped into by the bass drum, to the uke hitting the top surface of the amp, causing problems with clean and overdriven ukes.

My old ukulele had the same problem, but my new one has a “platter” in front of the amp. That’s why they’re called “saddle” ukes.

How can I replace my old Uke?

Here’s some tips that have helped me:

Remove the rear cover plate. It’s the big piece that goes across the center of the back cover. Cut the tape loose, you might need a small knife to do this. This will make it easier to remove the whole thing.

Remove the screws. There are 2 metal, spring-loaded screws to lift up the rear cover when you’re done. These are the ones that secure the cover to the amp. When you’re done, remove the screws.

Cut off and replace the pickup and jack clips. (You might hear them “shouty” when you do this.)

When you don’t have screws or a jack, you’ll need to go under and remove the circuit board cover. You can get this out easily with just a sharp blade, so just don’t use anything but a dull one.

Cut out the two-sided cover to the front of the uke. Do not get the screws to put any more heat inside there.

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Once it’s removed, it’s very likely you did something wrong with installing the amp, so don’t be afraid to repair the amp with a better unit.

How can I replace my old Uke?

Once you’ve installed it, be careful where you attach the cable. The two wire connectors for the battery can be difficult to reach in front of the amp. When installing cables near the amp, make sure you have the correct one.

Here are some tips on how to replace your old Uke:

There is a small metal tube on the side of the amp, and underneath it it has three wire connectors. These are located on the left side of the amp, about a week before it’s installed

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