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September 7, 2020 0 Comments

What it can do for you.

Here’s something even more remarkable.

While many experts in dance attribute to dance all sorts of beneficial health benefits as a way to live, the most widely studied benefit of dance is in my opinion, dance psychology. And when you think about that, you would think that science only needs to focus mostly on dance to have any kind of impact.

But this is a major difference (maybe the most important difference) between dance psychology and other popular dance theories, in my opinion.

This theory says that dance psychology teaches us that many aspects of human behavior can be altered through our inner dance. To make the connection between dance psychology and the most well-studied aspect of dance psychology, consider the following:

What are some of the more commonly known effects from dance?

We know that people have a natural tendency to focus on their self-expression. So let’s look at some studies:

You have a tendency to look at the mirror at points of attention where your body is moving faster than normal.

When you have a headache, your body slows down. This may be because it thinks it is in some sort of trance.

Studies show that people are really good at using a dance dance as a distraction while they are having a difficult day.

A study shows that people actually prefer a dance as a distractor than a speech that would make them feel better.

Another study demonstrates an effect of the body on the brain!

In the same way, dancers can use dance to help you stay motivated. Researchers found that when people dance during their day, their body produces more endorphins which can stimulate emotions and make people feel happier. In addition, people dance to feel more energetic, have more fun and get more exercise.

What do we know about the psychology of dance?

What are some of the most widely known findings?

It is well-studied that people enjoy the feeling of feeling powerful in a dance environment, and that dance can trigger your desire to experience these emotions. In addition, research is available that shows how dance can help us manage pain, improve our memory, reduce stress and increase our ability to think clearly.

In contrast to science, most people don’t think to experiment and try to understand the power of dancing in their personal lives.

And when they do try to experiment, it’s much more uncommon that they discover dance as a tool to change their lifestyle.

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