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“What you saw here is an opportunity to try something different,” said Mr. Saldarriaga, who served as chairman of the City Council from 2004 to 2007. Mr. Saldarriaga is a long-time civil-rights leader and former commissioner, first for the police and then later for the city. “It’s a chance to put a lot of work into a program that can help prevent violence on campus by educating students the most effective way.”

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Mr. Saldarriaga declined requests to be interviewed, but said in an interview that the school’s strategy is based on his understanding of how colleges are “the most effective ways to help kids.”

Mr. Saldarriaga said he had received complaints from students in the last two years of the program; he did not name them.

Mr. Saldarriaga said his program was the first such program in the city; he said there had been talks in the past about programs for racial minorities and women in high schools. His school does not hold an admissions-test policy, but it “does have a rigorous admissions process,” Mr. Saldarriaga said, as did other schools.

“That includes all students, and every student needs to meet an admission criterion,” he said. He does not provide data on racial and ethnic status.

Mr. Saldarriaga said an initial review of his program has shown that it had been beneficial for some students. “That’s the thing that has got to start to be changed first. It’s too much,” he said.

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Mr. Kramar, however, said that there had been an increased level of aggressive behavior. “There was a lot of behavior after the police raid,” he said. On Monday, he said, several students started to engage in more physical violence, including hitting another male student in the back of his head.

A former Marine who lost his legs in Afghanistan when a shrapnel-studded car crash exploded near a bar where he worked has been told to stand or else she will hurt him more.

Cpl. John S. McCollum, 49, of Springfield, Ill., was seriously injured in a crash on July 30, 2014 that killed a fellow employee and injured another outside an Irish pub in the small town of Ponsonby, a military spokesman told The Associated Press. McCollum’s leg and arm were severed, and a

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