How do guys dance at clubs? – Social Meaning Definition

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1. When you’re in a club, you should always have a good rhythm, and be aware of how many people are watching your routine, and how loud other people are. You still need to do the moves, but if you dance to music, you will get bored of dance by just sitting there and listening. That’s because people don’t have the sense to stay on rhythm, so you need to create a dance routine that’s rhythm driven, and not boring, for everyone. If you can’t do a dance routine, that’s a sure sign of a dancer who doesn’t know how to dance in a club scene.

2. You need to move slowly. If you dance on the tip of your toes, you will get bored.

3. Be careful when stepping, because you need balance to dance properly and you need a lot of muscle tension when you are dancing fast.

So, what is a good rhythm to be using at a club?

When you are in a club dance routine, it should consist of moving from left to right, up, down, left to right, down, left, up, and down to right. For example: left down right turn / left up and down / left left to right turn. The movement should never happen in a straight line.

You should always try to dance in a straight line and not be influenced to move in a different direction. That’s your goal for a good dance routine. There are many different patterns that can be done in clubs (I will write about that when I write about dances in the club). But when you dance around a pole, it’s more important to be able to move smoothly.

It’s also important to learn from your surroundings because if you are dancing right up into a pole in an open space in the club, it’s easy to start to slide backwards. But when you are in open space in a club, if you put your hands on the pole with just one hand, you will have to use your other hand to hold yourself up to the floor. Doing that will help your dancing to stay in a steady rhythm.

If you want to go further, take a look at my post about dance and pole to learn how to dance like a pole dance specialist.

What’s the definition of an off-shoulder dancing?

When you take off your jacket, skirt, or jeans at a nightclub, this usually means your clothes are off to the side and the rest

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