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September 30, 2020 0 Comments

According to a 2013 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, dancing can promote a sense of community, reduce stress, and stimulate creativity. The same study found that dance is better than other forms of communication for helping students deal with anxiety and depression.

Dr. Scott Odermalm has been studying dance since it was a school art form in the 1970s. He said, “There’s something that’s really special about dance. It gives students this sense of purpose and connection to something larger than themselves and something bigger than the room they’re in that they can control and be influenced by.”

“Dance has become such an active, social activity that it’s the most intimate social activity,” said Odermalm. “There’s something more important about the performance of a dance performance that you can do in front of your friends or your family than you can do in front of a lecture or a party.”

In addition, Odermalm said, dancing can improve students’ cognitive skills and increase their academic performance. He explained many studies have demonstrated that the more that you learn or perform in a social activity, the more you have to learn or do when you go back to school. Dancing also helps students develop a sense of responsibility while they’re in school.

Dancing can benefit the physical development of both boys and girls, but the benefits for girls are especially pronounced because girls are more prone to depression – a condition that can have serious health risks, especially if it is not resolved.

“Girls are more likely to be affected by depression, more likely to take medication, and their brains are not as developing as boys,” said Odermalm.

How much of a health risk is dancing?

Based on Odermalm’s research, Odermalm argues it’s important to keep in mind that in regards to dance, there is no known safety risk level for dancing.

“The idea that there is some sort of health risk associated with it has absolutely not been confirmed,” said Odermalm. “There are other ways in which people are encouraged to participate in social activities, and the most common one is being able to participate in their own way.”

When asked if dancing increased the risk of depression or anxiety, Odermalm said, “Dance’s association with mental health is definitely a point of distinction.”

What’s the best way to make dance fun and exciting for students?

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