Is ballet a social dance? – Anti Social Meaning

September 11, 2020 0 Comments

   No.   It is a performance of the sacred human body .   

             I would be remiss if I did not go further into why I don’t see it as a traditional dance but as something much more.     
            For me, it simply was.                            What I mean is that ballet and the way the dancers move in it is something that was and should be shared to everyone.    But that is not all of it.   
            Because the more we can allow ourselves to be social, the less isolation we will have in our lives.   
            When we let our social behavior be that of our children it is often seen as strange.            This, I can guarantee you, is not the case with every other social activity. 
I love social dancing and I was dancing in the ballet company. 
            If you are a child of my generation, please do not be surprised to see an article (or even social media posts) about some other child, parent, or stranger dancing the way they are told to dance, but you. If they don’t dance like you, then they don’t deserve anything.    It is my hope that all individuals, especially children, will be encouraged to have a better understanding of other people’s culture, their unique perspective, and their own unique style and feel that they owe nothing to anyone.  

This morning I am writing this blog post with great excitement and joy because as we wait to learn about the arrival of the new season, I can’t wait for you to take our seats at the front of the theatre and hear the voice of the characters who are being given the world stage.

I am sure many of the players who have gone through some difficult moments in their career, such as the departures of players who made big moves or the departures of the likes of Roberto Carlos and Thiago Silva, have experienced the disappointment of having to walk away from a club who have done so much for them, at times literally for the sake of the team. It is not the case, for me personally, with some of the players who have been given a chance under the new management, including the recent arrivals of Lucas, Kaka and James, and others, such as Fernando Torres, who are all looking to make an impact, at whatever club, and to be able to come and be part of such a strong team is something that I am

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