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A cultural dance? A game, where the winners go to paradise in eternal dance and the losers stay on earth where they become beggars. I don’t know. How can I tell you?

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I do know that when the cast of the production’s most popular show – Miss Saipan, the longest running Chinese dance show on American TV – arrived on stage in L.A.’s Chinatown in 2013, two of the last people on stage to sing their hit song The Great Wall of China weren’t Chinese: a white drag queen named Dax and a white drag queen named Bianca. That was the final straw. A few weeks later, my partner and I were walking a dog named Tiana outside the theater when a woman who appeared to be about 50, had to be carried out in a wheelchair. She was just so sad. She never saw the film, but her pain – real and projected by the cast in a moment of intense public attention – made her the last one on stage to share the stage with the cast. But the theater was already packed. There were empty chairs everywhere, and the only patrons on stage were a security guard and a couple of women who said they were in her 20s, though neither could see my partner from an arm’s distance.

When the first production of the show ended in 2010, an audience member asked the actress and the cast member backstage who would be directing it in the following year. When they replied, “Well, we’ll be doing it.” The audience member’s look was priceless in that moment: “Wow! The show went so well.”

Today, a production of Miss Saipan at least one year down the line on Broadway is no longer the most widely watched Chinese dance show on TV. In this season, it’s the most popular Chinese show on TV, according to the official Chinese press portal of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

In my personal experience, it feels like there was only one show for me as a Chinese woman in New York, because the Chinese community I’d grown up in went through so much cultural change while I was growing up in New York, including from the Asian-American community. I’d become a vegetarian and a vegan, and my mother would buy me a bunch of different Chinese candies just so I could eat them.

I think that is the way it was for Chinese-Americans back in the ’50s and ’60s, and it is what it is

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