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“Pair dance” meaning couples dance together as a group in front of a screen. “Pau’ian dance” means a dance where couples dance on dancefloors. “Cabral” is a modern dance popular in Puerto Rico. “Jogo do Bem” is in Portugal. “FĂȘte de la Cabernet” is in France. “Barat” is a traditional dance popular in Trinidad and Tobago. “Bouffou” means dancing in Haiti (and Brazil).

Do you think dancefloors will be replaced by dancing apps with dancing videos in a few years?

When I was a kid, I used to come home from school and play in the backyard, and, when I was alone, I took it as one of my responsibilities to go inside and watch “Karate Kid” on television. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the dancefloor is now an activity.

How can we encourage dancefloors?

I think that this technology is a way to break down all these barriers that prevent people from being active and engaged in community. Dancefloors are an excellent way to teach children about community, family, work, and friendship as well as to encourage a sense of community among individuals, families, and neighborhoods.

How are the dancefloors related to community centers? What about the idea of the “street dance”?

Street dancing is a type of dancing that occurs in places (such as parks, streets, beaches, and urban areas) where people gather without the intention to perform.

In places where street dancing is used extensively, it also has many benefits. It helps reduce the number of injuries, prevent injuries to the dancers, and increase the chances for safe dances.

What are the benefits of dancefloors to dance companies?

Dancefloors make it easier for dance companies to connect and work together. They offer dancefloors in places that would never want to host a dance floor, such as schools and churches.

If a dance floor is not working, it may not be necessary to bring people to the dancefloor. We’ve found that in the case of many dance companies, the more that they can see one another as friends and equals, the better, and the more likely they are to work with one another.

How would you describe dancefloors in Brazil? What can you expect from dancefloors in Brazil?

To understand the value of

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