What are popular social dances called? – Current Social Dance Trends

October 17, 2020 0 Comments

These are dances that have become almost a part of every family’s regular routine, from the traditional to the modern, to the traditional dance groups, school dances, to the corporate dance groups.

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By Andrew Burnes

The government might have been accused of a ‘foolish’ attempt to dodge responsibility. The House of Lords is debating a resolution that will see the UK government force ISPs to censor the content of other websites without a court order.

The measure was introduced by Labour backbencher Alistair Carmichael earlier this week after his sister, who is HIV positive, was blocked from accessing the site where she was able to view her GP appointments.

A second amendment tabled by Carmichael would see the government force ISPs to also block URLs within the UK. The problem is that both amendments are completely at odds with one another, and so can’t be passed.

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Carmichael was the first to introduce the amendments.

The first amendment asks the lord Speaker to call for a debate on whether the government is “entitled to act in an unusual fashion”. It states that although the government “may require ISPs acting in a commercial manner”, and “may require internet service providers to filter websites”, those demands are “not lawful under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights” and should be treated as “a judicial exercise.”

The amendment’s opponents claim it “rejects [the UK’s] commitment to treating EU rights as being an obligation and instead insists on a judicial function and judicial supremacy.”

But the government was forced into making an unusual announcement about the legislation this morning, when the official House of Lords website announced that the government had decided to force ISPs to filter links to non-UK websites.

The government’s official statement to peers said the government would force ISPs to block links “to such non-UK sites as those listed on the [ICANN] global system or other non-compliant domains,” in order to prevent them from “spreading the material on their Internet connections as part of the ongoing, escalating crime”.

There is precedent of governments making such blocks of these non-compliant domains, such as in the United States. A similar move was put forward in France during the early days of the new internet governance regime there.

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