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There are several different dance styles:

Traditional: This dance style is not really popular anymore, but it is a popular way to enjoy yourself. It is considered to be an “art dance” and people are always dancing!

Modern: This dance style originated in America, but is now popular throughout the world. Although it is very different from the traditional dance, we are still a society with traditional beliefs, customs, and celebrations. It also features more physical movement and not just hand-balancing. It’s still a popular choice for parties and dances.

Pairing/Pianist: Pairing can be very important. It is usually referred to as “honey and the devil” or “kiss and my man”). Pairing can also be more or less formal. Both men and women typically try and look as cute as possible, yet they are holding other people’s hearts.

Gentleman: Gentlemen has become popular to this day because, again, it is an art dance designed to make people feel as good about themselves as possible and relax.

Waltz with the Little People: This dance form is popular because you enjoy watching them move! It is very danceable and not that physically demanding.

What sort of people enjoy these dances?

It’s a lot of fun to see someone new to dance dancing with you. When people come from far across the world, to visit the US, they are very excited to see their home country people. It is not like when a person comes from, say, Greece. These are people’s first dance which they enjoy so they often show a little nervousness around their American friends.

What are some of the major benefits of this dance that I haven’t mentioned?

Asking people to dance with you gives them “the feeling of going home!”

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Dance lessons are very easy to do and give you much more flexibility than before. Even though you are holding a partner, you can move around. This may sound very good, but in reality it is not so. Because you are holding a partner’s hand, you have less control and you can not really see your partner’s face. Since they are your partner’s hand, you may accidentally push them to your sides or you may even feel like the partner is “pushing” towards you!

Warm-heartedness is a big benefit when dance goes smoothly. Dancing with people can give you a little bit of a sense of comfort

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