What are social dances and dance mixers? – Social Dance Game

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Social dances and dance mixers are dance events where you bring a DJ or an electric bass to a social event and they take turns spinning and mixing in the bar.

You’re probably thinking, “How do I find a social dance to attend?”

That’s a great question to ask your bartenders and hosts. I love to be invited to a social dance, but also think it’s vital to understand how to find a great social dance that your crowd will love!

Here’s my checklist of dance types to consider to get you started.

Dance Events:


Dance mixes and mixes, whether in a bar with multiple bars or a large venue

Rocks and DJs have been a staple of social dance events and are often requested through the bartender. Often DJ sets are performed on a dance floor with an open fire pit to encourage people to go hard. Some social dances and dance mixers have been introduced in the past, but they still fall into this category. DJs can be a mix of male and female DJs.

You need a DJ to handle the dance music

DJs that are male DJs often have the most energy and fun, especially with big party guests or the older crowd.

There are many social dance events and dance mixers in the New Orleans area, so if you are looking for one, check out this map by your guide book.

Fridays & Weekend Dances:

Dance Fridays & Dance Mixers:

Dance Mixers & Social Events:

Social Dancing

DJ Socials (Dancing with DJs)

Dance Mixers with Dance Crews (Dancing with Dance Crews)

DJ Socials

Dancing with DJs (DJ Socials)

Dance Mixers with Dance Crews (DJ Social Mixers)

In a social dance, DJs will DJ for the night – usually one person is DJ, and other customers are invited to dance with the DJ. It helps to have a good DJ mix – DJs usually take on more of a “DJ set” for dance parties, and some DJs will have guests coming in with a dance crew to help out. Social dancing usually starts by 8:00pm and usually ends by 8:45pm with more than one dance DJ in each bar.

Some social dances and dance mixers are very popular and you can see the dance floor grow throughout the celebration.

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