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Dance music has an extremely high diversity of types of dance and there are many types of each type. We’ve included 4 common types below as an example.

Academy Style / Club Style

The Academy style, or club style, is an art form that was established by people like Rick James and Elton John in the Seventies. It includes such great music and lyrics as ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Smell Like Salsa!’

The Academy style is a type of dance that has two movements – one dance is the whole movement and the other part is a quick dance move

Club dance was mainly done for fun and not to win. The dance wasn’t serious but people would get drunk and high and then have another great dance to go in with the next set.

Club dance is most associated with the South Bronx of Brooklyn which has been so famous for club dancing.

Academy Dance – Slow

The slow dance or Academy style is an art form that was invented by Rick James in the Seventies or Eighties. He was influenced by the dance that was done by the American Riots and the dance is named after him.

He was famous for creating dance moves which was seen as so fast and fast as for no one to notice them.

Slow dance dance moves have so much fluidity and energy that a dancer can have their body position fluid with the music.

Slow dance dance is very popular in the South Bronx, New York City, where his home is located. His work and style has influenced other dance styles.

Slow Dance – Fast

The fast dance is known as the Academy style, because they first came about by people who were influenced by Rick James. They’ve gained popularity and are popular everywhere.

They’re a type of dance that involves several movements that are all done in a slow motion.

Their popularity is very high in South Bronx, New York City where they dance their style in all their own ways, making it their very own style.

Fast Dance – High

The high dance is popular throughout the world but it takes away all the fluidity and energy. They are very danceable and have a very high production. They’re very popular and are the hardest type of dance to learn.

High dance has nothing to do with rap and R&B and is all about fast moving dance moves using high energy moves. It uses the same style as Academy Style dance and is

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