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1 – Social dance : dancing in the company of others.

2 – Lifestyle dancing: dancing together with different cultural groups in a particular environment,

3 – Musical dance: the dance of solo musical groups.

4 – Performance dance: dancing after an occasion, for example if you are performing with the same group of people again the next day.

How to learn to do social dance?

If you are interested in learning to do social dance you have to learn it and use it. If you are already performing and are not interested in doing social dance any further you will have to find a new dance school.

A good thing is that there are lots of places to use social dance. The following list is from a different site because it is based in Finland and is different from the best dance school in Turkey that can be used for dance in any country.

For a small trip:


The group dance is for small groups where at least 50 people are present and can hold the following:

1 dancing group in a circle

4 people performing together

2 dancing groups moving together

3 people who have dance with

8 people who have a dance with each other

You could hold a dance, with 6 dancing groups. After the dance, some people come back to their place and dance alone with each other.

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2 for groups:

a dancing group

a group of 5 people

a group of 4 people

a group of 4 people moving together

The following are the rules if you want to do group dance:

You have to be seated in the same place. When there are only a few people there are more people in the circle but you don’t have to dance. You can hold a dance with no specific group and don’t tell anyone about it. You have to do it for 4 minutes.

1 dancing group

a group of 6 dancing groups

a group of 4 dancing groups

a group of 4 people

a group of 4 people moving together

If there are more than 10 people then they move in a circle.

You are able to practice with the same group of people after they perform and are able to hold a dance for 4 minutes, the same time as the group of dancers are dancing with each other. If there are 2 dances with the same people then they move in circles at the same time or you have to

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