What are the 4 types of social dance? – Social Dances And Dance Mixers Examples Of Adjectives

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The types of social dance are:

Shared dances




What are the effects of these dancing types?

You might feel tired from the dance

You might find it helpful to spend time in the background

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You might feel dizzy, light headed or sick when you move

You might feel a tingling at the tip of your toes and in the soles of your feet

You might find it relaxing to dance alone

What are some common dancing moves that take place in different kinds of dances?

Shared dancing

The dance was often played in churches during the first two hundred years.

It was danced for entertainment and to increase attendance at religious services.

You might think of it as some form of the Christian church (or in some cases, a religious circus or ball).

Although dances from this time were mostly for spiritual benefits, they had no fixed time or place to perform and it may have been hard to find people to participate if they did not already know the dance.

Shared Dancing

Shared dancing is most common among dancers who are in a group with others while dancing.

It usually involves a small group of people.

This type of dancing is usually done in church (or a community hall). The people dancing in a group are usually all friends and often there is a sense of camaraderie to the group.

Although some may associate dancing in the church or community hall with being in a “social group”, this might be the result of the church or cultural events that were often held there.

Chore Dancing

Like many social dance dances (see above), chore dancing usually involves a large group of people performing the chore in some kind of way.

Chore dancing also includes the act of dancing in time in dance steps to create the rhythm of the music. It might also include a choreographed sequence of moves in a similar way as dances with shared social dances.

Barefoot Dancing

Unlike the other dance types listed above, the “barefoot dance” was very unusual during this time. It took on the status of being a different dance, but one that was still dancing within the dance genre.

Because of this, it became a choreographic challenge. Barefoot dancers were forced to learn and practice new skills to keep from becoming bored.

Although they had no

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