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There are many benefits. These include the safety and efficiency of this special equipment. Mixers are easily and quickly maintained and clean of all your mixers and equipment.

Mixers are also ideal for mixing your own music. You could create your own compositions, add the music, sync it, and release it. The mixing process of the drum beat can be much faster and more exciting than that of a regular stereo mix. As a result of the mixing process more space and realism is obtained.

It is also very easy to add music to your dance mix. Mixers give you more space for your music pieces and your music is more accurate, with fewer errors.
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The mixer of A&B has 6 meters of wire for your bass amp(s), 1 meter of line for the floor/footage, and 3 meters to mix your vocals, guitar, etc. When it comes to your guitar, only 3 meters. Mixing 2 meters of wire gives you a good stereo. But on your vocal, you have 16 meters of wire for your cymbals, and 3 meters for your vocals. And then you’ve got 2 meter of wire for your guitar, and 1 meter for your vocals. That’s an extra 2 meters!

We usually use a 2-meter wide sound box(s), so to add the sound of your guitars(and the cymbals), you have all the extra space necessary. This extra room is a key thing for many musicians who want to mix with the drum beat. You can mix in a room that has two 3 meter deep sound boxes. That means, no extra room with only your cymbals and the drums and some floor to fit the vocals. This provides an added sense of space that makes it more authentic.

So what is the best mixer?

The D’Addario Mixer is a great mixer. It gives you the space you need to mix.

D&B has an extremely good warranty: D&B carries a lifetime guarantee on their mixers and all accessories.

We usually recommend the Mixi-Mix in combination with the DJM-120 mixer and/or the DJM-150 mixer.

For an excellent alternative to the D&B DMPX6/6 mixer, check out the DJM-120 or DJM-150.

Please visit the Mixi-Mix page for more information about mixing with the DJM-120, or check out the FAQ page

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