What are the benefits of social dance? – Dance That Tells A Story

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-Social dancing can help build self-confidence and confidence in other people. If you are confident in your dancing, other people will think you may be strong and confident.

-You can also get to know more people quickly through social dancing.

-There is also a psychological benefit of social dancing that we will discuss later.

When did social dancing emerge?

-It seems like social dancing was common in many different social circles in the prehistoric age.

-The earliest known social dancing seems to be in Sumerian times.

-The oldest recorded cultural dancing in the ancient Greek world occurred between 615 and 468 B.C.E.

-It seems that dancing for the sake of dancing was developed, in some way, around 4000 B.C.; the Egyptian hieroglyphic text known as the Khent-i-Khent says in part,

‘The dance of the dance,

To dance,

Was invented by the Khents [the Sumerians].’

-It seems that social dancing emerged at a time at which the gods and goddesses ruled.

-It seems that the dances, known as Sumerian dance, were intended to enhance the goddess. In doing so, they did a great deal of harm to mankind.

-The Sumerian dances were highly choreographed with great precision.

-For this reason, many people had difficulty getting through their dances.

-The Greek dance was, in fact, not very interesting and lacked many of the physical techniques used in the Sumerian dances.

-The Greek dances were probably invented after the Sumerians had died out.

-The dancers were the ones who brought the dance to Rome, the world’s first civilization.

-What do I mean by dance?

-Dance means a series of movements used in a musical context.

-The Greek social dancing was probably, like other dances of that period, based on movement in tune (musical rhythm) as well as rhythmical ideas.

-At a time when dancing did not have any kind of musical elements, it does not make sense to call it a form of music, but dance.

-In its simplest form, dance can be described as a series of rhythmic movements.

-What is a musical rhythm?

-A musical rhythm is a very complex combination of sound, rhythm

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