What are the characteristics of social dance? – Social Meaning

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Shows a strong cultural and social connection between the performers and patrons.

May include props (ballets) and/or costumes (dances)

May include elements of movement and choreography (in-line skipping, etc.)

Shows that participants are allowed to play a part in the dancing and have a certain role in the performance.

Sets/shows that have a more “traditional dance” feel.

There are lots of details we could discuss here, but this particular category encompasses a lot of the basics. If not yet, start with one of these two articles.

“Social Dance,” by Doreen Clements

Social dances, such as dancing for strangers or performing in clubs, serve as a kind of gateway between our social existence and our formal ones. In dance, you may be invited to perform “for everyone,” or to join in a “social dance program” as some clubs have.

But most social dances are simply forms of social dance. You may even hear some of these words: social, social dance, social club, social event, etc.

But what exactly does “social dance” mean? And what happens when you do it?

It can include the following elements and behaviors:

Performances for the audience

Dancing in front a mirror and in a mirror set (called the “dancing mirror”)

Dancing in a circle (called the “dancing circle”)

Being surrounded by people (called the “dancing crowd”)

Dancing with or around other people

Singing (in unison) and chanting (in unison)

Being in a scene or setting (called the “choreography”)

As noted above, it’s a lot like an assembly, except that there’s more to it.

A social dance may include other types of performances (i.e., dance performances, dances), so the definitions of “social dance” can overlap.

“Traditional Dance,” by John Nardella

These dances are considered “dances” for many reasons, but let’s start with a quick definition. You need a dance that has been formalized and used throughout its existence, and is now held by the same people who hold the “traditional dance” title.

It takes place on a specific space;

It’s an event. People come to the venue, and there’s a dress code.


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