What are the characteristics of social dance? – What Is Social Dances Pptp

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Social dance has many characteristics which it shares with most of the other dance forms used in South-East and Central Florida (and many other parts of the world), including its ability to create, sustain, and develop a dance experience.

Social dance is made up of two main groups: the dance facilitators and the dance dancers. The dance facilitators, such as: the music director, lead dancers, music teachers, dance instructors, and songwriters, provide direction and support to the dancers. The dancers are called “divers”. The two key activities that all social dance activities require are the “focal, or focus point”, and the “divergent, or divergence, from that focal point”. The focal point refers to the place where the dance happens – whether it be a dance studio to the beach, a downtown dance bar or restaurant – any point where a dance take place. The divergent point is the place in that focal point where the dance takes place, and the dancers feel most comfortable. Social dance needs many things to happen simultaneously in order for it to have the potential to be successful. These things include: The audience at the focal point, which is usually the dance studio or restaurant, and the venue where the dance takes place. This means to be successful social dance you need to:

have the place to hold the dance, and The energy of the audience at the focal point, that is, the “energy” for a good dance.

Many social dance lessons include a “focal point” but these can take many forms. A common focal point for social dance includes a public place which the dance take happens. This focal point is where the dance takes place in our country. Most venues have a public dance floor that is open to the public on the dance floor. Other locations for a dancer to practice his or her dancing is on the dance floor or in a private space. It also helps if the dance takes place in a city or town. In those places, you may have one area where dancers are permitted to practice in their home. You can find out more about where “focal points” are at the social dance page on Facebook, and check my Dance Training article for all of the “focal points” of social dance.

Dancers need to have a “divers”, or divergence, from the focal point to get the benefit of the social dance experience. A divergence is sometimes the difference between a good-natured fun-time dance and dancing in a certain

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