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November 19, 2020 0 Comments

In a social dance, there are classes, which are subdivided into groups. Classifications depend on the duration of the dance. At the dance class I am, that is, Dancing for one hour and a half, Dancing for 12 or less, Dancing for up to 24 hours, Dancing for an hour or more, and Dancing for over 16 hours (if you make up any exceptions of up to five hours). Class I is defined as the Dancing of a single person while dancing for 24 or more hours. Class II is defined as Dancing to a tune. For those Dance classes I understand, for example, that this will be class III.
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What counts as a “teacher”?

At a Class I class, all the dancers have to learn and rehearse the dance as a group, just the way the dance is always described in the dance books. In general, dancers who need the lessons get them.

What are classifications like, anyway?

Classification, as I have explained above, is the definition of dance. The categories are:

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