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We’ve covered the term “dance music” before, when it was used to describe a style of music that often felt more like a genre than a genre proper. The best definition we’ve been able to find is that it “involves the use of a dance-like rhythm, meter, and vocal melody to express emotional content.”

So essentially, what’s a social dance music genre? So far, there are two main categories: Ambient/Electronic/Tremelo, and Dance/Electronic/Tremelo.

We’ve heard the term “tremelo” used a lot in the past, so we’ve made a list of some of our favorite examples of dance/electronic/tremelo.

Corning Ballroom & Latin Dance – Tracy Wigley, Dance Teacher
Ambient/Electronic/Tremelo (AEAT): These genres tend to be ambient/electronica/techno-based, with elements of trance, dubstep, and trap all included. Some of these styles can include an odd assortment of genres to mix things up. Some of the genre’s more prominent artists include Aazar, Deorro, Deorro, Tiesto, and John Askew. A good sampling of these will also include some heavy-hitting house and techno artists like Afrojack and Martin Garrix. Their albums have been nominated for the Grammy, and have been featured on many major-label projects like Kanye West’s Swish.

Tremelo/Echo of the New Generation (TENG): These songs, which are often heavily influenced by rock-influenced elements, tend to be heavily influenced by drum ‘n’ bass, which, to this point in time, has not had a lot of success with dance music. Some of the artists on this list include Tiesto, Hardwell, and Hardwell and his label label X-Tremelo Soundsystem. They’ve also released a few EPs on their own label, but they have been more of a mainstay in the rave scene.

New-Age/Post-Dubstep (nEDUB): These are more post-rock, jazz-influenced styles of dance music. There are also some progressive dance elements, but they all tend to be more uplifting dance tracks with a lot of guitar parts and melodic vocals. We’ve seen some of these styles featured on albums like Disclosure’s Love Letter, and Armin van Buuren’s Bassnectar Live.

The Future Starts Now (

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