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What do you guys think? Are you a good dancer?

We have been told by a senior State Department official that the Trump administration wanted to “get through” the end of the year with the Iran nuclear negotiations, at least according to U.S. law.

We have also been told that “a senior State Department official” was quoted in The New York Times this weekend: “Iran is a nation that wants to get through that December agreement. But this is not a sign of success for the Trump White House, the officials said.”

Why this? We don’t know. We assume it’s an attempt to give the impression that the Iran nuclear deal will be “successful” in some form after the Iran deal expires on December 22. That is a bit curious when the administration says it’s not going to give up on the deal.

But what if this is really just a White House attempt to make the situation look more positive during an election year? In which case it has to be the real deal. Either way, it’s an odd way to do diplomacy.

So let’s take a look at the actual language of the 2015 State Dictate on Negotiations with Iran – as drafted in response to the 2012 nuclear deal:

On Monday I was going to a meeting of the American Society for Pharmacology to which I belonged. It was a typical, normal afternoon in the city that had become the birthplace of pharmaceutical science – and a very pleasant one for me, anyway. I was in a nice part of town where the weather was nice, the traffic light turned green at the exact times when no cars were moving at all, the sidewalks were clear and I could see the trees at the edge, and where most people were sitting near a park.

I don’t recall much about the meeting itself, but suffice to say that, as a young pharmacist who had recently moved to the US as a full-time employee, I had received some very valuable medical advice.
12 Popular Types of Dance

We discussed a variety of topics, ranging from the safety of anti-seizure medications to the safety of antidepressants and anti-epileptic drugs, among many other topics. The meeting was held at the university’s center, and it was one of the rare occasions when the university’s chemistry department could be easily reached from downtown San Diego, the city where I

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