What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Social Dances Are Also Called

August 23, 2020 0 Comments

In general, social dancing is a good idea. You are dancing with other people, but you are dancing in a social context – you are sharing an experience with people.

That said there is a lot of discussion about the etiquette of social dancing. Some groups are concerned about having too many guests at a dance (that is, two party and two family dances). Some groups believe that if you have more people, then you should be aware of all the guests you invite. Then others think that having people dancing with other people who know each other is a good idea.

And then there are individuals who have a different idea.

A couple of years ago, there was a debate about dancing with strangers in their car (at home). In that debate, most people agreed that there are social etiquette rules. One argument that was made was that if you are out with other people and you are out dancing in the car, then you will be in the dance for longer and you will become less aware of your partner. But that argument was dismissed because it assumes that in real life you are dancing with your partner.

Another common argument is that if you are playing with people the night before, then you are in a dance and you want to dance with them that night. In actuality, they do not want to dance with you.

So is it really as simple as that – are social dancing etiquette rules that anyone should follow?

For my part, I believe social dancing etiquette rules are really just guidelines (because it can be easy to break them – you see, that car party).

If you have friends over to a party, you should make sure you invite some other people as well. If at a party, someone invites you, you should bring another friend along.

If you are just at home, you should just be respectful and be courteous. If there is a dance club or group of people, then you should be aware of them and go along and join. And if you are coming down to a private party, where only you and a friend are invited, then take a buddy along. It is not a social dance, after all.

That said, I do think that if your friends are really great, they will have a lot of fun dancing with other people. And the best thing to do during social dancing is to be courteous. That is, be the same to other people as you would if you were to be dancing with them.

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