What are the two classification of social dance? – History Of Social Dances Definition Of Pandemic

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Dance is the most important form of self-expression: the most expressive social mode of expression that anyone can experience in any setting. In general, dance shows are usually social situations with a group of friends which take place in the center of the dance floor. In other words, in these social situations dance is the central focus. In general, dance is the dominant mode of self-expression in traditional societies: people dance because it is a central feature of their identity.

The two classification of social dance are also very different. Self-expression is the basic function and core of dance. Self-expression includes all aspects of dance related to the interaction with other participants in a social environment, to a specific group or to a group of individuals.

Therefore, dance can be called a mode of self-expression but it must be differentiated from other self-expression in that it depends on the interaction of certain people. That is, to form any self-expression it is necessary to have a group in which that self-expression manifests. In this case a dance experience is more focused on a group than it is on individual self-expression. Therefore dancing does not represent people but they dance more toward the group and are more engaged than the individual self-expression. The individual self-expression is a mode of self-expression: it is the self-expression of an individual.

On the other hand, self-expression includes some other types of social dance related to social behavior including:

Dance shows to show off, such as the modern dance. These types of dancing are very popular in modern societies and are mostly to be found in dance clubs. They are often called “private” dances.

Dance in everyday situations such as the dance competition that happens when people participate in the company dance or in social gatherings to socialize or bond.

Dance where you can perform and express yourself independently; this is “outside” dancing.

In the last case, the social dancers are the people who engage in these types of dance and the people who perform them most commonly are not the dancers and the people who perform them.

What is an outside dancing dance?

An outside dancing dance usually means any dance that occurs independently and without a party or dance club involved.
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An outside dancing dance is often popular in small dance clubs where a single person or one or two people dance separately.

Outside dancing can also occur naturally in outdoor areas where there are open spaces and people can dance

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