What are the two classification of social dance? – The History Of Social Dances Ppt

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The standard categorisation of dance is based on the two categories of ballad and raga. Raga is the more popular classification and is considered to be the best performing style of dance. Raga dances, such as Bhanjani, have been the best used by dancers from the past millennium. The other popular classification is called ballad. Ballad dances are dances that are considered not to be used in an international context by any country, particularly countries where traditional styles are predominant. Raga dances can be danced in countries where traditional styles are predominant, such as Bangladesh and India.

The word ‘Rasta’ has not been found in the dictionary with the dictionary, only the word ‘Raja’. This indicates that, Rasta is not recognized by the International Dance Council (IDC) as a dance style.

Why has traditional dance in India never had ‘Raja’ as a subcategory of its own?
Different Types of Dances and Dancing Styles Across the ...

Raja is not accepted by the Iddha (International Dance Council), the international dance body. Why? Because India has a dance heritage dating back to a time before ballads and raga. The Indian dancers and musicians in the past knew about the ballad or raga dancing traditions. They had to adapt to the new dances. Also, the new dances (Raja) weren’t as popular then that is, they hadn’t become as fast or as popular as the ballads and raga. These new styles aren’t as popular among modern dance enthusiasts which, in turn, makes it difficult to get dance certification or pass the tests.

There are various theories as to why ‘Raja’ isn’t recognized as a dancing style or dance form by the International Dance Council (IDC):

There are three kinds of dances (dominant dance styles)

There are seven forms (traditional dancing styles)

There are no such dance ‘Raja’

All dance traditions are similar to one another

Raja is not recognized by the International Dance Council (IDC)

Raja should be recognized as a dance form or style

Raja should be recognized as a dance style

Why aren’t there ‘Raja’ dances or dance forms identified in the dictionary of traditional dances?

When it comes to dancing and traditions there are three types of dance (dominant styles, traditional dancing styles and alternative styles). These three types are also called Traditional, Contemporary and Jazz.

In Traditional Dance, there is only a

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