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November 7, 2020 0 Comments

(I am not saying that the first and the second are correct.) And who makes the best dancer? I would say that most people who like dance, but who have not mastered a certain type of dance (or just don’t want to), should try to master the first. After that, they will find themselves in a good place. Most people just can’t dance the second. And this has got to do with the type of society they live in. Those who do live in a society where the first is learned by nature (as in the UK) and as it is the most fundamental, most natural thing to do for a human being, the instinctive way of doing it.

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(Also, if your dancer has the same level of skills as you can imagine, chances are he will become a great dancer if he/she continues to practice and master the first. This applies equally to any level, male or female, etc.)

On another note, if your dancer is skilled enough in both types of social dance and is still finding the “space” to learn it, you are also not alone. I am sure you’ll come across people who are just waiting to be your next step. I think that, if you are not having that same success, you are certainly not alone, though it might be a bit hard to “connect”. You have to start doing what someone else has already been doing:

1. The 2-step.

2. Standing.

3. A bit of a backflip or back walk.

If your dancer is skilled enough in the first, now you can continue to learn the second. And that is the most important step; not to become a social dance superstar who only gets the dance to repeat a certain amount of times. Take what you have learnt, improve it and keep improving. Not sure what to call it? That is up to you because you are not going to learn it by learning a routine or even with some advice on how to master a certain dance style. It will come from what is going on in your dancer’s life as a whole, and what the environment, situation, and style of the dance itself do to enhance their skills. You might start with dancing the 2-step and then begin to understand how some of your dancer’s social dances are performed. Maybe even incorporate one into your routine, or move into a solo dance. Or, if your dancer hasn’t done any formal dance education, he/she might want to start

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