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It means a life worth living and the freedom to express it in every way. And I am no longer ashamed of my sexuality.”
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The New Yorker interview appears on Page 34 next to my piece “Frozen’s Idina Menzel’s Pride and Joy” (9/2).

A recent investigation by The Guardian reveals that for years, pharmaceutical companies have knowingly misled the public about the real efficacy of their drugs. The truth has been hidden because drug makers knew that their products are more dangerous than we think. They have also been willing to do anything to stay under a regulatory framework to protect their revenues. But now, the people are waking up to the reality of what is being done (read: lied to) in the name of profit.

The Guardian’s investigation revealed that more than a dozen studies have been funded by drug companies. Their results were then used to support claims that many millions of Americans live with potentially fatal diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease because their pills are “far more effective” than the standard of care.

These studies do not only show that prescription drugs are far more effective than we thought — they also show just how dangerous they are.

The studies are so widely criticized by experts that the pharmaceutical industry has now had to admit that none of the studies used by the FDA to justify their approval were actually peer-reviewed.

This “evidence” is simply worthless to the public. It simply confirms what we already know: if it were true, people would be dying from drugs. In fact, this is precisely what is happening. In one study out of Harvard, it is estimated that diabetes deaths are in fact rising while medication dosages have remained essentially unchanged. Another study out of Johns Hopkins had even lower estimates.

The data is there. People don’t need to be deceived again. The truth is being told now (along with many other findings) in public opinion polls and on health-care websites. The companies knew when to start peddling their drugs to the public and then continued down an unhealthily profitable path as a hedge against consumer distrust.

But it’s not just the pharmaceutical companies that are in on the deception. Many other industries are involved in the drug marketing scheme to conceal drug’s efficacy. In fact, there have been multiple scandals of industry manipulation of these studies to maintain their profits.

For example, after the first blockbuster diabetes drug, Avandia, a massive scandal erupted with the discovery that the company had falsified research documents and even falsified

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