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What’s so unique about it? The way the music’s coming from and how it’s coming out is important. If there are lots of different sounds coming at you (that you can play along with) that’s the thing I gravitate to, because you get to interact with your ears — it’s like a super-high-tech microphone. And I think it’s really important for me: I’m not a singer-songwriter, it’s just a sound that I really love.

What has been the best time in the past year/year-plus writing an album?

I have lots of things going on at the moment, with lots and lots of writing, and also doing gigs. I have loads of solo stuff going on and stuff that I’m doing with my band, and also playing out with my band. So yeah, not a lot of time, definitely not an album. But writing, it’s amazing. I just kind of like to be in the present time and not be caught up in the future and the past and the memories and the ideas I used to have a few years ago. So writing is the best time for me because I get all of that out.

What’s on your upcoming tour?

We’re going on tour in a few months. We’ve been working on it. It’s like a very long song list, and we’re actually doing it more like a live show — it’s not like a set of songs.

Do you get to have fun and goof around with your live band, and have fun with the songs?

Yeah, and it’s also really good when we’re hanging out in the studio and playing together and recording stuff at the same time. Like, it’s so good to kind of go, “What are we doing tonight?” And it’s good to let your brain work on different things when you’re jamming as well. It’s great.

Do you get to see your bandmates often to watch them live?

I don’t see them much these days, but one time we did and it was really incredible. I’ve been hanging out at home a lot when I haven’t been touring, just hanging out a bit more with my friends, and doing a bunch of stuff. Some of my friends are all recording bands or working on their solo stuff too, so I get to see them a little more.

How many instruments do you play on your album?

I don’t know —

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