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It means something different for everyone,” Williams said in a statement. “At this moment and time, we will not release details and we are looking for the help of every person who can step into that light to help me find a way to be free again.”

A man believed to be a friend of Williams’ sent a text message to 911 asking for police assistance, according to the statement.

Dawn-Rayne, who knew Williams for only a few months, said she tried to help him.

“I’m devastated, I’m furious,” she said outside court Thursday. “I’m just angry as all hell.”

After she got off the phone, Williams drove herself around to try to find a place to stay. One day, she said, she picked Williams up and drove him to the hospital, where he told her he was going home to his “brother.” The next day he showed up at home, missing three teeth.

Dawn-Rayne said she called out her name and he replied “No way, Mom,” according to the statement.

He showed up at Williams’ home a third time, and again was unresponsive, she said. Eventually, in December, she drove her son to see a dentist.

He died a week later and Williams later told police the dentist gave him a second shot. She said he never got up and she was worried she wouldn’t be allowed to pick him up anymore.

Dawn-Rayne said a judge denied Williams’ request on Dec. 1 to have her child taken away from him for abuse. He also asked to have his mother charged with child neglect, said Maryann Williams, her mother’s best friend.

The following week, Dawn-Rayne filed a petition for the children’s safety.

Maryann Williams was arrested earlier this year and charged in July with child neglect. Her first court appearance was set for Thursday, but the status of her case was unclear Thursday or Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Williams’ mother, Joanne, still is being held at the Fulton County Jail on charges that she abused her children. Joanne appeared in court Thursday on charges of criminal mistreatment and child abuse.

On Friday evening, Joanne’s husband, Kenneth Williams, said his wife is innocent of all charges.

“She’s innocent. She is not guilty. She is innocent. She didn’t do it,” he said. “She’s innocent as can be.”

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