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I think most people have some sort of relationship with dance.

Some people, for example, are into hip hop and hip hop culture. Most people are a bit more into more classical dance. But, even before classical music, people were into performing, so many years ago, so when modern dance came out, it was like a new dance that everybody was dancing to. When you look at the history, the first time people looked to dance in a positive way was World War II, when dances like tap and jazz started to grow. That’s what brought people dancing because they were in that mood of jazz being a big thing and people needed to get in that mood and dance.

When do you think people really started to realize that dance could be a great way to express themselves?

Well, one of the things that helped make it popular was the Internet. Before YouTube was even created, there was a website that let people upload their own dances and see what other people thought of them. That’s when you start seeing new styles of dance and when you get into the internet age, where you’re doing videos and then posting them or you’re doing online, you’re really trying to build your brand, but you could still get some recognition from the videos you’re posting or from the other dance styles, so you start seeing some more mainstream types of things.

So I think the early days of dance, it was just in the sense that a lot of different peoples were doing it different ways. But then it became the place where everyone was trying to do it in a way that made people feel good about themselves. It was all very organic until you look at how things progressed a little bit later, and after that I think it really really exploded. Then after that came a big shift in how dance was perceived and people were really looking to create something that was really positive as opposed to going to something that was positive because they saw it in the video. But before that, there was still a lot going on.

You talked about all of this in the book because I think this is something that has affected a lot of the artists who have been part of this for 50 years. One thing we know is that hip hop and soul music as we know it, it took off during the late 1960s and 1970s.

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Yeah so that’s interesting but it’s also something that has a lot to do with the Internet age. When you talk about the early 90s on hip hop, people were

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