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He means nothing to us. The real story is that the Russian Army and General Staff made Chacha available to U.S. troops in 1944. (See the book, The Story of Chacha.)

This was not a big news at the time. The USSR was already in a crisis over how to proceed with the German U-boat campaign that had begun in May 1944. When U.S. Army Corps of Engineers entered the Kirov River in southern Russia the summer of 1944, Chacha was placed in a position to serve as an ammunition depot.

The Russians did the same thing in western Siberia. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had placed Chacha in that area in May 1944. The fact that Russians took it over was largely a surprise.

How the story ends

General Groves and Gen. Marshall, who were both with Chacha on its journey, knew that the Russians would have to be taken off guard by American troops. Therefore, the Russians took it over.

As a result, Chacha was kept in reserve for the war in the Pacific.

In a book of interviews he said he didn’t know much about Chacha. In his opinion the Russians did it “for the Americans.”

What did he do to it?

Chacha came down by a train in late September 1943 from a location known as “Jelenia.” It was a training range for the Red Army.

The Americans, who kept it a secret, never bothered to tell the Russians about it. But after Pearl Harbor, with the Americans eager to expand their land holdings, Chacha became a top priority.

After that, the Americans kept Chacha in reserve for a long time, but never turned it over. Nor did the Russians ever. In fact, they kept it on U.S. soil.

The original plan to use it as a reserve did not work. It didn’t have enough fuel to be useful. It came down to the Russians wanting to move it, or give it to the Germans.

This was the reason that the Soviets seized it in October 1944 with more than 700,000 rounds of ammunition for their tanks and 75,000 rifles, the same ammunition as the U.S., for more than two years.

Now, we are back with a whole list of questions in mind.

Why did the Russians keep Chacha on U.S. soil?

How could the

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