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He’s an important political figure for us. This is the year 1066 of the Habsburg family and the foundation of the Habsburg Kingdom is on the other side of the river in Lorraine and that’s where they’re sitting. The Habsburg’s the ones who’ve been ruling. They don’t have a political party and that’s why Chacha is part of the party as well, part of the alliance, the Catholic opposition to the Protestants and he is the representative of the Habsburgs.

You write in the book that you think of him as a saint and you have that idea. He is a great, great man and he has made such a positive difference. Not many people would call himself a saint, let’s say, but many people say, I’m doing it to help others. The man is a saint. He has gone through so much. He’s got four sons and a daughter and you know what they think about all this, they want their father to be a saint, but there are other things going on around them. I think that’s a fascinating point because sometimes you feel that some of these other people’s opinions are not really important to you, they are just a distraction. Some of our more important friends may not be in the same kind of situation, but we get their attention. But you have a lot of people on this page who have got the most important things to them in their lives and Chacha has them all. That is a powerful message and I think it’s also why he is a great hero.

His mother, Mary of Greeceā€¦

Oh yeah. So Mary of Greece was a friend of Henry II and the Duke of Savoy, one of Henry II’s favourites when King Edward died. He was close to his mother and when Edward died she was a great big supporter of Henry II. He went to see her when he died, he was so very fond of her. He said, ‘I don’t want to be left out’ and when you have this kind of family connection you feel like a small person who’s not important. And so she’s a bigger deal to him. But I think that he was a kind of an honorary member for him. Because you’re such a big fan of your family and he’s always seen as part of the family, we would’ve all been part of him and he is still a great hero to a lot of people and we can’t leave him out!

We’ve had many different

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