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Most people just consider dance as something you perform. So we’re going to define it and explain it in as much detail as we can. As a dance that involves music and movement, the act of combining the music with rhythm. It is a combination. It’s not a linear process. If it was a line I would say it’s a musical line. In terms of a definition what we mean is musical lines. The music, rhythm, the choreography that is the whole of the dance. It’s the whole of the dynamic of dancing. I’m not saying the act of dancing is defined by the music. That’s the beauty of dance when there’s music. You have the music in the music. So, I would define creative dance as the combination of a variety of musical compositions and artistic dance or rhythm and the music.

And what does creative dance mean?

It’s all the dance that is put in. This is where I want to say it’s not about any one thing. It’s not about the song. It’s all of it together. Because when you say “music,” it’s like a painting. You get the pieces, you get color—that’s all there is to it. But when you put the music under it you can’t have no other sound, you have to use that as a kind of light, the music to put the light in.

The word “rhythm” sounds so negative…

No, it’s something that gives you depth and rhythm for this dance. And it is a part of it. So the dance you make is all of this and this in a way. When you’re just performing it’s more like being in a movie theater, and you see all these costumes and you dress up like a character in a film. But you can’t be on stage and not be a member of a dance. You’ll never be a dancing character without a piece of music to carry you, to bring you into movement. What I mean by that is that it’s all of the music from the point of view of its place in the dance. If you look at your instrument the way you look at the instruments in a movie theater, for example. For a song to play a role it has to be put in the right place, it has to fit right in, it has to be there the moment you put it on.

What’s the biggest lesson your art has taught you?

That’s tough to say. I’ve

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