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November 3, 2020 0 Comments

Creativity is a kind of intelligence that helps us create things that you can’t make anywhere else.

Doesn’t that sound strange and dangerous?

Yes, it does. I would never want to be an artist or author of any kind, so I don’t think I would have a creative mind. I am not that kind of person. There is something really wonderful about being a creative person, and I think we are all of it. If I were a creative person, I’m not sure I’d understand it all.

Do you have any ideas for the future, or for your musical?

I don’t have any ideas for the future! That would be a terrible waste of time for me. That would be an impossibility. I just want to be free to go and invent things for the rest of my life. I don’t want to wait until someone else makes something interesting.

The next part of the interview is coming.

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When a new film comes out, or a book comes out, or a song comes out, it’s not enough just to know what the new work is. Rather, there’s another layer that’s needed: A critical framework, or a set of expectations about how the work will be received. I’ve described the process this way before — a film critic will want a critical opinion on the film before he or she will even see it. And a book critic will want a critical opinion long before he or she will see it. We’re interested in assessing how the work will be received. But we’re at a time where “readiness” is not a strong enough criterion for assessing new works. For all of the good things the internet has brought to journalism, this new wave of digital criticism has done more to remove readers from the critical process than it has to actually help. That we’ve lost the capacity to consider other kinds of reviews is the real scandal of this “age of the read-only” era of journalism. What’s missing is an understanding of what an “adequate” or “complete” criticism is. There is so much we need to know about new works. How will that work be received? Will we be satisfied with merely an opinion? What will the critical community do with it? What questions will it explore? It will also make a lot more sense to compare a new book to a new work released previously and to try to understand whether that’s how much of a difference there

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