What is dance performance? – History Of Social Dance In Philippines

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To dance, to make music, that’s dance performance. And the reason we’re really talking about it is because dance performance is a part of the creative process. It’s like acting, it’s like music. As you’re acting, you’re making all the decisions and there’s certain rules and those rules influence your performance. They have the meaning of your performance. And also, that’s where you have the freedom to add your own interpretation to each part. That’s what all performances are. That’s what the music business is all about; to be able to perform in a certain way and then to add your own interpretation because there are rules. So dance performance is an element of it. It’s the basis of our acting.
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What does the film mean to you?

This is the first American film I’ve ever produced in America. I’m incredibly proud of it. This is the first film that had the opportunity to tell me that I’m not the only black person in this business or that it was important for me to be a creative force and that every single performer has freedom to work. That they could be themselves and say, “This is how I will be and if you don’t like it, I’m going to do it my way.” I’ve had the opportunity to see all the negative reviews. I’ve heard the stories about how they didn’t respect me as a black man. But they weren’t giving me the credit they deserved. So I want people to see that’s okay, you still have options. You still have an ability to be someone different. I wanted to make the film and my partner and I created this film. We created this film that tells the story in a way nobody’s ever seen before. It’s like a dance performance. So I’m very proud of it. It’s made me think about what I thought about my life and how I see myself and what I can do to really make something for myself, for my community, for my family.

How would you like to see your journey as an acting coach impacted by your work?

I’ve never set out to be a coach. I’ve always set out to be an artist and then I realized it was a different artist. But I can think of a lot of things that I could do in order to be a better artist. But I have a lot of respect for people that could become an artist, but are afraid to do it. And that’s not only because I’m on a platform

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