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November 13, 2020 0 Comments

Yes! Dancing makes us happy. It lets us do things that we otherwise couldn’t do.

How do the songs fit into the dance?

All of the songs are different. There isn’t any one type of song. There are six main styles: ballads, country, pop, country-dance tunes and country tunes in a pop-style. All of them are dancing songs.

I love the way the dancers are so lively with each other. Do you think that the music is something that’s part of the dance?

Of course it is! We are doing it from the heart and not just playing it in our head. Our music has this type of soulfulness when it’s together.

It helps to dance around. In other words, it would be like “dancing around” in a nightclub.

I think so! Yes! Dancing is dance around a little bit.

Have people ever said something to you because you’re so energetic?

There have been many people who have complimented us, but they would have never really gotten to know who we are.

You’re so energetic! So many new people come to Nippon in particular.

Yes! They like that we are dancing and laughing together. They don’t recognize us at first! Sometimes they say stuff like, “That’s so cute.”

One thing many people don’t know is that when you dance you really move around. We dance around together and are not really in our bodies. You can dance around a lot while on stage. How do you keep that energy up when you’re in a crowded dance club?

Well, the next morning you have to wake up in front of the audience. That is the beginning of the process to get back to your regular sleeping schedule. You wake up like this: (starts dancing and starts dancing again) Then, you have to get back to sleep at a time in your sleep that is not too bad. Then you have to get up! Then you have to wake up again! (starts dancing and starts dancing again)

You can get up too, but then you could get sleepy again. You have to go through that cycle again every night. Each morning you have some time to make sure you’re still alert. If people do their dance around, it seems to give them a lot of energy and energy is needed to get things done. So, I think it has to do with you

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