What is dancing for you? – Social Dance In The Philippines

August 24, 2020 0 Comments

It is the art of expressing emotion through movement; not through words, or in the voice, not in the hands or dance moves but through the body and soul.

Why dance?

Our bodies have a certain power. Without dance, it’s like a magnet. Everything attracts our attention.

How should I dance?

Well, why not go for your friends on holiday? Have a bit of a dance off. Dance your heart out!

What are some of the more common dancing moves?

We love the kick, the front kick or side kick. The back kick, or backflip is great too. What about flips or twirls? A back twist is also a great move: hold on to the barbell and twist to the side, twisting all the way around. I also love the reverse twist, and a spin. What about the front-back, front-side-back movement? That’s a great move!

What are the most powerful moves?

I love the backflip, and a full dance where everything is turned. To a lesser extent, I love the back-side-back. I’m partial to the front flip.

Can I do a class?

No, at the present stage of my life I’m not interested in it.

What should I wear?

That depends to a large extent on what mood I’m in. Just remember that anything that reminds me of dancing isn’t going to work; it probably has to do with the person you are dealing with that day.

Do you dance in public?

Yes! Everywhere, any time! All the time!

Have you ever danced on the street?

Yes. As children I used to do it in the streets in my native New York. They used to give me sweets. I remember the day I did a lap of the street and I did a full hip hop, with nothing over my hip. They threw me into the river! I was a little bit scared I’d get dragged in.

Do you believe in karma?

No. My parents are very spiritual and it’s all in me. I’m pretty much a mess, but life is an amazing place, I just can’t make it there as easily as I would like. I would like, if possible, to do more walking in the city, but I just don’t want to have the pressure of other people judging me.

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