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November 4, 2020 0 Comments

When and where did the term “modern dance style” come from?

Dancers in traditional music were called “musicians” or “guitarists” for their ability to play an instrument. Dance music evolved as a genre in which the instrument or style of music is the character, the personality or the role in which the performer plays.

When do dance styles emerge and what are those styles?

The origins of dance styles are somewhat mysterious. In the case of dance styles, dance music style is derived from the word “dance”. “Dance” is simply an occupational occupational word for music. “Music” is derived from the Greek word “musica”, or “musique”. In fact, the term “music” can also be considered an occupational occupational word for the instrument or style of music.

How can I recognize a style of music or a style of dance?

The music or dance may seem to be “new” but is quite different than that practiced in the past. It may seem to be of a different time.

If all the music or dance is in harmony when I see you, then something is wrong, so I ask you to try again. If everything in harmony with each other is too much for you, then you have not really heard the music or dance. The music or dance may be more difficult to understand than traditional music or dance styles.

Are you sure you’ve heard the word “dance” or is the phrase “dance music” misleading. I just want to know the difference between traditional music or dance styles.

Dance music can be used to identify a style of music rather than the particular songs that are played.

Dancing is used to identify a style, so for example in dance a footwork pattern can be described as “stomping” or “jumping” rather than dancing as “walking”.

In one sentence “jumping” is the sound you hear from the front end of a dancer’s leg, whereas “walking” occurs when one of the dancer’s legs is planted.

Dances, in dance music, can have rhythm, tempo, and timbre. The dance can have a certain sense of rhythm, like high speed with a definite beat, or a more complex, more dynamic style, like bachata.

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