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A dance is an improvised form of movement in which members of a society move the body, face, voice, and hands in tandem. We all share dance moves, so we can learn from each other. When most people think of “social dance”, they may imagine people standing on a chair or moving around in a circle. These movements are commonly known as “dance,” but that term does not capture the full spectrum of dance movements. Most dance movements involve a group of people who move the body together in some fashion, often on a large scale. This movement also involves a group of people interacting at a distance.

Social dance is one of the world’s oldest forms of organized movement, with records dating back at least to the Middle Ages:

“The art of movement in which various elements are combined or intermingled into a series or series of steps,” for example, the dance of the Roman gladiators.

And of course, there’s modern dance:

Modern dance is an amalgam of movement traditions that date back to antiquity and the middle of the 19th century (see Dance on the Dancefloor, by James G. Robinson, and The Dance Movements of Ancient Greece, by James N. Rummel).

There’s a variety of dance movements, with different strengths and challenges. The more difficult dances are often characterized as “dynamic dance.” Dancers need to make a variety of moves, while the more technical movements are typically more controlled and controlled.
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What are some dance movements?

Dancers often combine elements of movement from many traditions. We’ll talk about those here.

Traditional dance styles:

Dancers often work with elements from a wide variety of art forms, including folk dances, traditional Indian dance, western dance, and other world heritage styles.

Folk dancing often involves elements from African, Asian, Caribbean, and other cultures that have flourished in the past thousand years. One particularly striking example is the traditional South Indian dance, bhajans.

Traditional Indian is a dance style based on ragas. Traditionally, ragas are dance routines composed of a set of basic movements that are arranged to reflect, and expand, a particular cultural or ethnic identity. The first ragas were written down over 1000 years ago.

A traditional South Indian dancer performs a raga.

Traditional dance traditions also encompass elements of indigenous American, Japanese, and African (Zulu) dance cultures. They typically follow the

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