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Social dance was first described by Greek poet and dancer Aristophanes in The Clouds of Unknowing in the fourth century BC. In contrast, early European societies, especially the Romans, had many types of social dance involving both men and women. In the later Middle Ages, there is no evidence whatsoever of any type of dance being practiced by the public in medieval Europe. There are no references to social dance in the works of anyone who lived in the medieval period such as Geoffrey Chaucer, Milton, Shakespeare, and even the Bible.

In the 19th century, in order to differentiate the different types of social dance and to encourage the development of dancing and the arts, a definition of dance was created by the English sculptor Edward Young in 1877, in his book Practical Forms of Dancing. Young defined dance as “the movements, movements and combinations of two or more people, or a group of people, by means of dance-words, musical instruments, or any other kind of verbal expression of mutual enjoyment between two or more persons.” He recommended that dances be developed into formal movements which can be seen, such as ballroom dances, dancing classes or dance competitions.

The 1877 definition was a much more detailed and thorough definition than anything that has come before. However, by this point, the concept of dance had already become part of our everyday interactions with other human beings. The “social dance” definition was eventually popularized by the first Dance Dance Revolution. It quickly became so popular that it was adopted by many other disciplines and the dance was eventually defined in terms of the “movement or combinations of two or more people, or a group of people, by means of dance-”

In the 1950’s, dance movements for men were created by dancers such as John T. Foster, while the 1950’s gave rise to “Belly Dance”, a new form in which a man doles out food to a woman on his belly in order to bring her happiness. Another great dance of the 1950’s was “Ace”, an elaborate form which takes a great deal of time (and energy), but is extremely energetic.

Most of the modern dance movements have come from the 1950’s and the 2010’s. As of 2011, the world’s largest dance festival, Dances with Women, is held each fall in Montreal, Canada.

How and when did they get that way?

The origins of social dance dates back to about 8,000 BC. According to legend, at the time

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